Press Pass: Hockey vs. Vermont 2/16

Northeastern Head Coach Jim Madigan

“We needed points this weekend. We were looking at trying to get three, four points to get back into the race. Some of the other teams we need to leapfrogdidn’t get the wins this weekend and we just didn’t take care of business, plain and simple…We need more out of a few of our forwards who aren’t giving it to us, and it’s disappointing.”

Re home woes: “I have no idea, I wish I did. It’s frustrating.”

NU vs UVM 2-16 Madigan Post-Game

Vermont Head Coach Kevin Sneddon

“I thought both teams gave it their all, all weekend. It was a playoff-type series. I know it’s tough for Northeastern to be on the other end, but I thought [the Huskies] battled as hard as they possibly could tonight. I think we were fortunate to have a player like Chris McCarthy step up when we didn’t have a lot of things going offensively and find a way. That’s basically how I would term the game for us, we just found a way.”

NU vs UVM 2-16 Sneddon Post-Game