After no added score in the second period, @GoNUwhockey takes the ice once again for the final period of play against @TheBostonPride! @rae_ceen and @cathmorrisone will be on the call, tune in on WRBB 104.9 FM Boston or the WRBB Sports website:

We’re back for the second period of the exhibition match between @GoNUwhockey and @TheBostonPride! @daisysroberts has the intermission report, followed by @rae_ceen and @cathmorrisone on the mic once again. Tune in on WRBB 104.9 FM or the WRBB Sports site:

Welcome back to hockey season, we’re LIVE for the preseason exhibition matchup between @GoNUwhockey and @TheBostonPride! @cathmorrisone has the call alongside @rae_ceen on WRBB 104.9 FM, tune in here:

Sunday, Sept. 25 – WRBB 104.9 FM, 3:00 PM
@GoNUwhockey vs. @TheBostonPride (Exh.)
🎙 @cathmorrisone @rae_ceen @daisysroberts
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