Justin Diament

Sports Director, Basketball Commentator, Writer, Podcaster, Host of Dog Pound Sports Sound

Hometown: Manalapan, NJ

Twitter: @justindiament

Northeastern Sports Twitter: @NURabbitHole

Fun fact: “I have a Northeastern sports card collection that I showcase on my personal Twitter!”

Matty Wasserman

Editor-in-Chief, Hockey Commentator, Writer, Podcaster

Hometown: Chappaqua, NY

Twitter: @Matty_Wasserman

Fun fact: “I’ve been to 12 MLB stadiums, and my life goal is to visit all 30”

Daisy Roberts

Sports Multimedia Manager, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, and Soccer Commentator, Graphic Designer, Writer

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Twitter: @daisysroberts

Instagram: @daisysroberts

Fun fact: “I have been playing the violin for over 13 years”

Kayla Shiao

Photographer, Managing Editor, Hockey Commentator, Writer

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Twitter: @kaylashiao

Instagram: @shiaopics

Fun fact: “My dog watched a hockey game at the SAP Center before I did.”

Sarah Olender

Sports Director Emeritus, Hockey Commentator, Writer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Social Media, Podcaster

Hometown: Ellington, CT

Twitter: @OlenderSarah

Instagram: @solenderphotography

Fun fact: “My family lives on the same street and we have a farm.”

Mike Puzzanghera

Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer Commentator, Writer, Podcaster

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Twitter: @mpuzzanghera

Instagram: @mpuzzanghera

Fun fact: “I know how to sew and might learn how to knit.”

Peyton Doyle

Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer Commentator, Podcaster, Writer

Hometown: Pittsfield, MA

Twitter: @peytoncdoyle

Instagram: @peytoncdoyle

Fun fact: “I am one of the clutchest cornhole players of all time.”

Catherine Morrison

Hockey and Baseball Commentator, Podcaster, Writer

Hometown: Washington, DC

Twitter: @cathmorissone

Instagram: @catherinemorrr

Fun fact: “I am an avid mug collector.”

Emma Sullivan

Social Media Manager, Hockey Commentator, Writer, Co-host of Hockey East This Week

Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY

Twitter: @emmasul02

Instagram: @emmasul02

Fun fact: “I was a competitive Irish Dancer for 10+ years!”

Jack Sinclair

Hockey and Baseball Commentator, Writer

Hometown: Brookline, NH

Twitter: @jack_sinclair10

Instagram: @jack_sinclair10

Fun fact: “I played volleyball in high school.”

Khalin Kapoor

Hockey and Baseball Commentator, Writer, Podcaster

Hometown: Reston, VA

Twitter: @KhalinKapoor

Fun fact: “I am secretly a ninja.”

Jordan Walsh

Basketball Commentator, Writer

Hometown: Commack, NY

Twitter: @jordanwalsh_25

Fun fact: “I am a former county math champion.”

Zach Lyons

Hockey Commentator, Writer

Hometown: Pleasantville, NY

Twitter: @ZachLyons_

Instagram: @z4ch.lyons

Fun fact: “I’ve played lacrosse since I was 6.”

Justin Chen

Basketball Commentator, Writer

Hometown: San Jose, CA and Hsinchu, Taiwan

Twitter: @jstinchen

Instagram: @jstinchen

Fun fact: “I once caught a foul ball and ended up on the broadcast.”

Amelia Ballingall

Hockey Commentator, Writer

Hometown: Bedford, NH

Twitter: @amelia6_b

Instagram: @amelia6grace

Fun fact: “I have a black belt in American Kenpo Karate.”

Eamonn Ryan

Basketball Commentator, Writer

Hometown: Hooksett, New Hampshire

Twitter: @eamonn_ryan41

Fun fact: “I once took three charges in an intramural basketball game.”

Adam Doucette

Basketball Commentator, Writer

Hometown: Wilmington, MA

Twitter: @adoucette2000

Instagram: @realadamdoucette

Fun fact: “I make music that you should probably check out on Spotify or wherever.”