Story by Alexis Spring

Watching the first game of the double-header showdown between Northeastern and Marshall was difficult. A usually-dominant Northeastern team fell behind at a  rapid rate. By the end of the fourth inning, the Huskies were down by three runs with Marshall’s star second baseman Christian Lucio, being undeniably unstoppable, scoring the first run of the game. 

By the bottom of the seventh, Marshall was leading by seven runs. However, Northeastern stepped up to the plate ready to play, most notably designated hitter Mark Darakjy who sent in himself and teammate Justin Bosland on a two-run homer. With Marshall still leading at the top of the eighth, Northeastern was finally on the board with two of their own. 

However, in the ninth, Marshall was able to secure three more runs. The third pitching change was made by Northeastern, bringing Brett Dunham into the game. This brought Marshall’s lead to ten, with Northeastern still at two. 

To finish the game for the Herd, Kyle Schaefer from Marshall brought in himself and two of his teammates off a home run. As the wound seemed to get deeper for Northeastern, the total score read 13-2 in the middle of the ninth. Hoping for a miracle or at the very least to put some runs on the scoreboard, Northeastern tried their luck at the plate. In the bottom of the ninth, Mark Darakjy scored another run, brought in by his teammate Buddy Mrowka. Unfortunately, the Huskies weren’t able to rally, as the final score for game one was 13-3 Marshall.

Starting game two, Northeastern was up to bat first with leadoff hitter Jeff Costello. After a one-two-three inning, Northeastern took to the field with Eric Yost on the mound. 

Luke Edwards, who batted third for Marshall, secured the first run of the game, bringing in his teammate Geordon Blanton. In an impressive play in the top of the third, Costello, got a base hit and subsequently stole second when first baseman Bosland was up to bat. Bosland then was walked himself. 

Mike Sirota sent a far drive up the middle, bringing Costello home, tying the game up 1-1 for the Huskies. For Marshall, Lucio reminded all that he is a force to be reckoned with, hitting a double in the bottom of the third, bringing in his teammate Edwards to score. 

For the first three innings, game two was much more competitive. With the bases loaded in the fourth, Northeastern catcher Gregory Bozzo attempted to clear them, unfortunately to no avail. In the bottom of the fourth, Northeastern swapped pitchers, putting in Jordy Allard. The score in the bottom of the fifth was 2-1, with Marshall leading. The fifth inning saw Allard, with help from Bosland, getting two outs on first. 

There was no real action until the eighth inning when Sirota hit a double and stole third. Mrowka followed it up by hitting Sirota home, tying the game at 2-2. Northeastern’s Dennis Colleran was swapped in to pitch during the bottom of the eighth. With neither team scoring in the ninth, the inning ended at  2-2. 

Starting off the extra innings, Northeastern went up to bat first in the top of the tenth. The Huskies were unable to score any runs in the top of the inning, and an error in the bottom of the inning cost Northeastern the game. Marshall’s Zach Gardiner scored on a walk-off wild pitch. 

Although a much closer game than the first, the final score for game two was a 3-2 Marshall win, rounding out a tough day for the Huskies. The next game coming up for Northeastern is Sunday, February 26 at 11:30 A.M., where they will face Merrimack College. It will be the final day of the 2022 Snowbird Classic in Port Charlotte, Florida.